Rhyming Legal Jive

Yo, listen up, I got some legal tips for ya

If you need a lawyer, with the Claxton Law Group they’ll be your legal troupe

What is a statement under oath? When you speak the truth in the courtroom, that’s your proof

Got a place to rent? A free Wisconsin rental lease agreement you can find with ease

Marriage without a prenuptial agreement can lead to some trouble, so take some advice

When legal issues come knocking, don’t be in a haze The Bowling Law Firm will help you for days

Thinking of starting a company? Need legal advice, for sure Get help with company formation from those who know the law

Is withholding tax the same as income tax? You might wonder and stew But rest assured, the legal experts will give you a clue

Abandonment laws in Mississippi, can be a tricky riddle Learn all about them and stay out of the legal middle

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