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The Data Repository Article

Since the volume of business info grows, it becomes more important to get organizations to obtain tools that collect and store info sets. A data repository, often known as a data lake or data warehouse, can be described as large storage area location meant for unstructured information that is classified and labeled with metadata to organize it. It could possibly contain data from different areas of the business that are not automatically related and provide an individual view on the data. A data mart may be a subset belonging to the repository that is more geared to specific use cases and easier to get users to cooperate with.

The goal of an information repository is always to provide usage of only certified users which has a valid organization need. This kind of ensures that delicate information can be not reached by not authorized individuals who might want to sell it, disrupt operations or perhaps gain a competitive benefits. There are different risks connected with a data repository such as the potential for an administrator to inadvertently grant use of inappropriate individuals or for the malicious movie star to combine multiple files to create a false photo of the the case state from the system.

ATG Merchandising uses three versioned Commerce repositories: Product Catalog, Claimable Repository and Price Lists. The Merchandising Item Catalog plus the Price List repository support secured databases, while the Claimable Repository will not support this feature.

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