LoveByte: The All-In-One Software for A Holistic Few Experience

The 411: What started as a blogging website for partners, LoveByte has colesbian fuck buddy near me to be a respected application for enchanting partners to boost their unique interaction and, in turn, strengthen their particular commitment.

Launched in 2011, could be the brainchild of Steve Sng, who often experienced his very own frustrations while being in a commitment.

From misunderstandings to missed telephone calls, Sng understood he could not function as just one dealing with this. He knew his relationship together with connections of others could take advantage of something which makes hooking up much easier.

Hence, LoveByte came into this world.

“Understanding that every connection has its own downs and ups, Steve planned to enhance communication and foster understanding between them,” said Amelia Chen, fundamental Happiness Office of LoveByte. “naturally, it aided to cut back frigid weather conflicts and strengthened their relationship.”

With significantly more than 800,000 consumers, you can see that LoveByte works.

a love journal for the relationship

While other applications lump your extremely and your pals all into one space, LoveByte expertly creates an intimate place for you personally along with your partner so that you two can consider constructing a genuine bond.

“It’s like a really love journal that documents the love quest in the form of pictures, records and dates,” Chen stated. “important moments are frozen with time where lovers can revisit to relive those thoughts once more.”

Not only can couples show photos, records and essential times, but LoveByte additionally provides them with some other cool features, like the capacity to:

“LoveByte helps couples focus on the important matters in their relationships while making the best of their instances collectively,” Chen said.

Making use of technologies to boost relationships

As a small Singapore-based business with a group of four (two developers, a developer and a marketer), what LoveByte has recently achieved is actually impressive, but that does not mean they’re slowing any time in the future.

The newest element they’re most happy with is key information, which enables couples to scrub the screen like a scratchcard to reveal records, some ideas and pictures in a private and fun means.

Per Chen, the team is consistently taking care of additional features like this being help the consumer experience, with the expectation becoming that LoveByte becomes the go-to app for couples every where.

“LoveByte is focused on stimulating active individuals to generate time for the things and people that actually matter in life,” she stated. “With smartphones’ ubiquity in life now, we’re eager to dispel the idea that ‘technology ruins relationships’ and that can actually build stronger and more enduring interactions.”

LoveByte exists free of charge on iOS and Android. For additional information, see

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