FOB Destination Meaning, Examples How Does it Work?

what does fob shipping point mean

This is because the invoice originally sent to the buyer includes also the freight charges. The deduction is not made until the seller pays for the freight charges. This means that the buyer pays for all the shipping and freight costs as soon as the goods are delivered.

  • Under FOB shipping point arrangements, the buyer is responsible for filing an insurance claim in the event of shipment loss or damage since the buyer holds ownership of the goods at the time.
  • FOB Shipping Pointmeans that ownership to the merchandise is transferredto the buyer upon shipment thereof.
  • After the title is transferred, the seller’s responsibility ends, and it falls to the buyer to ensure their goods reach their final destination promptly and in sound condition.
  • CIF is a more expensive contract option than FOB, as it demands more effort and expense on the part of the supplier.

The Smart Rules engine may help you to calculate VAT for your sales based on the shipping address country or region. In this case, the seller legally owns the products and is responsible until it gets delivered to the buyer’s address. The title of ownership is transferred at the buyer’s specified address, loading dock, office address, etc. Once the products are delivered to the FOB address stated as the buyer’s address, it will be counted as a complete sale on the seller’s inventory while an increase on the buyer’s warehouse stock. In most cases, without a free onboard destination agreement, the shipper/seller will probably record a sale as soon as goods leave their shipping dock, irrespective of the delivery terms. Thus, the impact of FOB destination shipping terms is determining who bears the risk during transit and pays for the freight expense.

FOB Shipping Point vs. FOB Destination: What’s the Difference?

When items are sold “FOB destination,” the title to the commodities may not pass to the buyer until the items are delivered to the buyer’s loading dock, post office box, residence, or place of business. Until the items have arrived at the buyer’s location, the seller retains legal responsibility for them. Once the products have arrived at the buyer’s location, however, the buyer assumes full legal responsibility for them. In FOB shipping point agreements, the seller pays all transportation costs and fees to get the goods to the port of origin.

  • This means that the shipment will be delivered to your point of destination without any additional fees as the seller covers taxes and/or import duty.
  • But instead the seller adds the freight costs on to invoice they send to the buyer.
  • Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics .
  • The shipping cost is determine by the cubic feet , volume, distance, weight and other factors.
  • The seller then marks it as a complete sale from its FOB warehouse when the package is delivered to the shipper.

The seller maintains ownership of the goods–and responsibility for replacing damaged or missing items–under the FOB destination agreement until goods arrive at their destination. FOB destination, or FOB destination point, means that the seller is at risk to pay for the damage until the buyer receives the products. The seller selects the freight carrier and is responsible for shipping the goods to the final destination point. The transportation department of a buyer might insist on FOB shipping point terms, so that it can take complete control over the delivery of goods once they leave a supplier’s shipping dock. The FOB Destination terms also apply to the cost of shipping and the responsibility for the goods.

What is FOB in shipping and why does it matter?

To further clarify, let’s assume that Claire’s Comb Company in the US purchases a container of The Wonder Comb from a supplier based in China. If anything happens to the goods on any leg of the journey to the buyer, the supplier assumes all responsibility. When you are shipping loose cargo , for example, your goods must go through a Container fob shipping point Freight Station to be consolidated into a container. The FOB incoterm is only applied to shipments being sent by sea or waterway. This guide cuts through the legal jargon and explains everything you need to know about this common incoterm in plain English. This means that no matter where you ship from, you will encounter the same regulations.

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