How to install a custom ROM on your Android Phone to give it a fresh new look

You can choose any destination from the list without having to worry about the process. As soon as you select the destination, the backup automatically starts. After installation, you need to launch the app on your android device. As soon as you launch, a message would appear prompting you to enable backup by connecting to the Helium Desktop Application.

backup stock rom without twrp

Thus a backup can be used to restore your device to an exact state and thus proves as a lifesaver in case if something goes wrong. Moreover, many people prefer apps like Titanium backup for taking regular backups but it should be noted that no app can save every tiny detail of your phone as backup does. In this article, we’ll see some easy methods on how to take complete Nandroid backup and restore of any Android Phone. This is necessary as implementing such complicated flashing is risky and may increase the possibility of soft bricking your phone. Besides, I always recommend our all Android users make a complete backup of their custom/stock firmware before executing any flashing process. So here’s an all-around tutorial to help you backup Android devices completely, from apps to complete firmware, we have got you covered. For every different type of data, we will try to provide you the most effective options to get the job done.

  • MTKDroid Tools will now detect your phone and display its specs.
  • From there, you can select the device you want to switch to and click “Change device.
  • In this guide, we will show you the steps to backup your MediaTek firmware using SP Flash Tool.
  • I’m rocking a OnePlus Nord 2 5G here that just recently came back from assistance because I had wiped the partitions with the IMEI stored in it…
  • Once you’re rooted and have got TWRP stock firmware installed you can update it simply by downloading a new version and flashing the zip.

For example, you can save your photos or videos, music, and especially the backups of your Android phone. Once uploaded, your files are conveniently kept in one place where you can organize them how you like. You get 2GB of free storage with a Dropbox Basic account but can upgrade to Dropbox Plus if you need more space. Flash (or temporarily boot) a custom recovery like TWRP, and you’ll be able to make a Nandroid backup. It typically includes the boot image, the system image and your internal data (excluding Pictures, Musics, Downloads etc.). Google now offers a new beta app for Windows called Nearby Share, allowing you to send files wirelessly between your Windows PC and Android phone.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed TWRP on your Android device without using a PC. Now you can use TWRP to perform various advanced tasks on your device such as rooting, installing custom ROMs, and more. Magisk is a popular option for rooting Android devices without voiding the warranty. This guide will show you how to install TWRP on your device without using a PC. This step involves talking a Backup of the whole phone including System OS, Boot files, Modem and Data Files.

  • First of all Download the ‘Doogee Y6 flash file zip‘ which is given above and extract it on your computer’s desktop.
  • Now you have everything ready to install a custom ROM, we can begin the process.
  • The ROM is completely open source, so if you have the skill for it, you can fork the project and make your own custom ROM out of it.
  • It’s best to flash the latest version of SuperSU yourself rather than having TWRP do it for you.
  • Low storage space in your device hampers the smooth operation as well as prevents downloading or updating latest software.
  • This tool will create a full backup of your device that you can restore at any time.

Choose your backup and the parts you want to restore (it’s all selected by default). When you’re happy to proceed, tap the big Flash button. The whole process takes quite a while, and the screen will go black along the way. The phone will reboot when it’s done, so don’t touch it in the meantime.

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